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Electrical Appliance Safety Tips

Electric service
From flipping a light switch to charging a mobile phone, we all use several different electrical appliances every day. Electricity makes our lives easier. Nevertheless, we need to be careful and keep safety in mind. The experienced experts at Presley & Son Electric Service care about your safety! When you’re using a device or appliance that requires electricity, you should adhere to some basic precautions.
These tips should help to keep you protected from injury:
  • Never use an extension cord that has exposed wires.
  • Make it a habit to switch off electrical appliances and devices when they're not in use. When you’re leaving the house or before going to bed, make it a routine to check that all electrical appliances not in use are disconnected accordingly!
  • Don’t overload an outlet with more plugs than it was designed to handle.
  • Use childproof caps in unused outlets to protect small children.
  • Always hire a professional to handle any electrical repairs or installations!
  • Keep all electrical appliances or devices far away from liquid. Most electrical accidents around the house happen when people use electricity near water.
  • Avoid handing electrical gadgets with wet hands.
Need electrical services in and around Mobile, Alabama? Contact the experts at Presley & Son Electric Service. Whether you need lighting repairs, maintenance or surge protection, count on us! We have the right equipment, knowledge and the expertise!