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4 Benefits of Replacing Your Electrical Outlets

Wall Outlet
The outlets in your home have been used to power appliances and electronics for numerous years, but have you ever thought about the last time the outlets were upgraded? While we may periodically upgrade our televisions, hand-held electronics, and kitchen appliances, the outlets these items plug into remain the same.
Even though old outlets may function, they most likely do not provide the best power options and abilities. Upgrading the outlets throughout your home has several advantages, including both energy savings and better performance of the items you have plugged in.
Learn about the benefits of outlet upgrades and how these upgrades can improve every single room of your home.

1. Secure Outlets

Have you ever plugged something in and then noticed that the plug dangled or hung down a little bit? If a plug is not secure, you may be wasting energy and exposing part of the plug. A loose plug could create sparks and be a potential fire hazard. Replace your loose outlets so the plugs are secure and safe.
Loose outlets often occur due to wear over time. The aged electrical receptors will not perform as well, especially for the plugs on lights or chargers.
Newer outlets can also have locks installed on them. When something is plugged in, the lock prevents the plug from being yanked from the wall or falling out altogether.

2. USB Ports

While standard two-prong or three-prong plugs have been used for multiple decades in homes, a lot of modern technology and gadgets rely on USB cables for power. For most people, that means they will have to use an adapter to charge their electronics. Multiple cords are a tripping hazard and can be difficult to manage. With the installation of upgraded outlets, you can get rid of all your USB adapter plugs.
Newer outlets not only feature the standard plugs but also tend to have a number of USB ports installed. Because USB ports are smaller than outlet plugs, a single outlet has room to showcase four or more USB ports. In a home office, you have the ability to easily plug in phones, tablets, power banks, and other devices that need USB power.
The traditional plugs still work the same, and the USB ports are in locations where standard plugs will not interfere.

3. Outlet Location

One of the main benefits associated with an outlet upgrade is the ability to move an outlet's location or increase the number of outlets you have. Electricians will make sure your house is up to code, and accommodate your wants and needs when it comes to outlets.
For example, in your kitchen you may constantly find yourself switching plugs for appliances like toasters, blenders, toaster ovens, or coffee makers. Increasing the number of outlets available will help you to organize your kitchen as well as other rooms of the home.

4. Damage Restoration

Another benefit of replacing your outlets is getting to fix damage done over the years. For example, a cracked outlet plate may leave outlets prone to dust and debris buildup. The dust and debris could create a fire hazard when exposed to electrical shocks and elements. Replacing the outlet will remove this fire hazard.
Another form of outlet damage may have occurred through normal home upgrades and repairs. While someone painted the walls of a room, the paint may have seeped into an outlet. The paint can have an impact on how the outlet performs. Replacing your outlets will help ensure they operate correctly and avoid electrical problems in the future.
Contact us at Presley & Son Electric Service for all of your electrical upgrades, repairs, and needs. We have years of experience and a number of options for the outlets in your home.